Trident Self-Storage Security system

Once you reserve a Trident self-storage unit with us, here’s what you can expect.

You’ll drive up to our main gate and see a keypad and then you’ll enter your individual code. This unique code does two things: one, it allows you to enter our storage facility; two, it disarms your particular unit. You have 15 minutes to open your units’ rolling door. If you don’t, your units’ alarm is rearmed for your added protection. When you exit our storage facilities, another keypad will require you to enter your individual code. Once you do, your unit will automatically rearm itself. At a set time at night all storage units will automatically rearm.

Our security system allows you the convenience of visiting our facility occasionally or frequently. With your customized entry code you determine who has access to your secure storage unit.

Each facility is surrounded by a high fence. They are well-lit and offer security cameras that monitor the comings and goings of tenants 24/7. As an added benefit each facility has an on-site residence manager, who truly ensures our facility-wide safe storage.